the earth tilts a little..

Last week when I posted the picture I felt an imaginary tilt of the Earth’s axis. It was a harvest picture, the earth has turned and the growing season is becoming a garnering, a preserving time. I pickled beetroot last week. There will be more to do tomorrow.

Today I gathered an armful of statice flowers for drying, dahlias for decoration, beetroot, courgettes including the first golden ones, dwarf beans, shallots and sixty wonderful onions, fat and brown and needing to be dried ready to store.

At home, I hung the flowers to dry, spread the onions and shallots to ripen, froze beans, set aside beetroot for pickling, put dahlias in a vase and made a ratatouille that included onions and the green courgettes. A simple supper tonight with a loaf of homemade bread.