Isn’t it is great to belong to the worldwide community of bloggers? This blog has recently been included in the first issue of “How to find great plants“, a blog carnival containing posts about plants that readers consider to be “exemplary food and ornamental plants.”

The post featured from here was about the merits of golden delicious apples. Common  they may be, but fresh from the tree, they are  great eating so  definitely worth growing yourself.

The weather has turned harsh here, and my tree has been sustaining the local blackbirds with the fruits I left to fall, benefiting  me with the sight of them feeding as well as satisfying the birds. It’s good to share. And I will take this chance to say thank you  to all of you that read what is written here and leave comments. Every single one is appreciated and enjoyed. Thank you.

The picture is of crab apples at Rosemoor in October