Housekeeping for the garden

Friday afternoon, lovely warm sunshine, long shaggy lawn-time for the mower! The lawn, although
really it doesn’t deserve that name, looked much better for it’s cut, persuading me that the rest of the garden was ready for a photocall.
As this is the successor to my garden diary (unpublished) I shall have to start the photography from now, leaving the pictures of the snowdrops, the daffodils and the fritillaries to remain a secret on my computer.
My tiny garden is at it’s best in early spring, but after today’s announcement of this being the warmest April ever recorded, I am not sure what that means any more.
As I was photographing it struck me that many of the plants which were in full bloom used to be late May flowers-particularly the Lilacs and honeysuckle.
The most spectacular plants in flower at present are yard high blue aquilegias, the Viburnum mariessii, slow growing but now a wonderful feature and the honeysuckle that grows on the back of the house, and which scents the garden in the evening for several weeks.


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