Moving the garden section to a new location.

Fantin Latour-my favourite rose. It grows next to the patio and I see it as I work. It has the most glorious perfume-old fashioned and full. Lovely.

Having established my blog just over a week ago, I have decided to split the 2 main sections, reflecting my inside and outside interests into 2 blogs. I will post the garden diary and our walk pictures here, leaving spinning a yarn as the location for my textile activities.
Today was another one of those windy days where all the new leaves are being bruised and buffeted, and yet there is still no real rainfall, so that the strong winds are merely desiccating the ground further.
The roses are well on their way, and in flower now there are the following varieties-Mada Alfred Carriere, Alberic Barbier, Fantin Latour, Rosa rugosa Roserie de l’Haye, Abraham Darby. After the winter gales that destroyed the trellis, the Seagull and Leverkusen climbers that clothed it have both survived and are putting on plenty of growth but may not flower this year.


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