Becoming so tame

I marched out to put washing outside on the line, taking advantage of a short dry spell between the heavy showers, and the pigeon merely looked me up and down and carried on inspecting the garden for sunflower seeds dropped by the goldfinches. There is a little crop of sunflower plants growing now below the feeder. I think will leave them to grow.
It was good to be outside again and I managed to plan the French beans, which are already 6 inches high.
In the vegetable garden there are now plenty of things to eat. We have consumed the first row of radishes and some of the earliest lettuces. The second row of radishes are nearly ready and there are several varieties of lettuce, rocket, spinach and Pak choi of an edible size.

I have kept the netting on to keep the birds off-this shows the lettuce and Pak choi plants-but I have removed the fleece now, because the high winds have been blowing it out from under the netting.


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