Yellow flags and ragged robin

Out walking this morning I found that the yellow flag irises down by the brook are in full flower, as is the ragged robin, one of my favourite spring flowers. I will go back with my camera soon and photograph these damp loving plants. They must be very happy at the moment, after the amount of rain that has fallen recently!
I looked for an image of a ragged robin and found this interesting website, where I learned about the alternative names for the plants ( Cuckoo Flower, Meadow Spink, Polly Baker, Shaggy Jacks and Bachelor’s Buttons) as well as about the folk lore. The second part of the latin name, Lychnis floscuculi means the plants that flower when the cuckoo calls. I haven’t heard one here but we did here cuckoos calling on our visit to the New Forest 2 weekends ago.

This afternoon was lovely, warm and sunny with the wind in from the south. I cut the grass and now can hear swifts winging through the air, but sadly missing are the house martins. I have seen a few, bit none seem to be nesting in the neighbours’ houses as they have done every year since the houses were built in 1993. Perhaps they still will.


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