Compared to nearly every other plant in my garden, notable for their pastel subtlety, these poppies are loud and blousy and I love them. I look forward to their arrival every year and although they don’t last long, they are definitely worth growing, even in this tiny plot. I think every plant in a small garden has to earn its place, and these really are in credit. The plants were divided this year and I now have even more clumps. They would welcome a little less wind and rain, but despite the weather, they are putting on a good show. The picture above shows a bud just splitting to reveal the glorious colour and below, the petals are glowing in a low evening light. I haven’t done anything to the picture. The white Sweet Rocket (Hesperis matronalis) behind them really shows them off, as well as adding a beautiful scent to the garden and providing nectar for the insects. It is an enthusiastic self seeder but easy to control. It’s one of those old cottage garden flowers and is always reliable and pest free.What else can you ask for in a garden plant?


2 thoughts on “Poppies

  1. Your garden blog is wonderful! I have so much to learn from you, I can see that instantly.
    I’ve never heard of Sweet Rocket, for example. I must find some of that. Or ragged robin!
    I loved your garden tour..you folks are earlier than us (your sumptuous digitalis and roses already being out, while mine just need a few more sunny days)…but I think our climates are quite similar. Western Washington is fairly mild–a deep snow only every few years–lots of rain except in summer. You absolutely cannot kill a rose in this climate, and our pine trees put on 4 to 5 feet in height per year. Things just GROW here.
    I’m so glad you left a comment on my blog so I could find you here! I’ll be back…

  2. Thanks Allison, you’re welcome back any time. I’m just taking pictures of everything in flower now and will be posting them when the battery has recharged on the camera! I just wish I had started blogging earlier this year. As they always say in gardening, you should have seen this garden last month!–Judith

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