Something for gardeners and embroiderers

I was looking up the alternative names for some of the old fashioned perennials I grow in my garden on a commercial seed growers website, when I followed a link to another of their pages. The suggestion was to give seeds as a wedding favour to remind wedding guests of a couple’s wedding. Exploring further, I found a page that suggests using little bags to present the seeds in. When I looked at the picture, I thought how lovely it would be to make your own embroidered bag to gift the seeds in. I may just try it.
Out of interest,I found that the Sweet rocket I grow is also known as Damask Flower, Dame’s Violet, Dame’s Rocket, Queen’s Gillofers and Eveweed, and the Ragged robin as Cuckoo Flower, Meadow Spink, Polly Baker, Shaggy Jacks and Bachelor’s Buttons. And the photo is now my own (with macro : ) ) Isn’t it lovely?


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