Day 3-my how it’s grown!

Today , four pictures of the same plant and a bit of family history.
We bought this house, brand new and on a bare plot, in 1994 and in the spring of 1995 we planted a rose, The New Dawn. We had moved from another house where the previous New Dawn had climbed up the back of the house and flowered magnificently, so I wanted to repeat the plan.
Helped by my Laura, then coming up to 12, we planted it at the side of the house. It’s not even knee high to a grasshopper, and is just visible to the right of Laura’s feet.
Yesterday I took the second and third pictures from the bedroom window, where I can now pick those roses. Who can resist a sweetly scented pink rose?
And now we’re off to Cambridge to be proud parents at Tom’s Design Shown and to take our 2 children out to dinner. Handy they are both in the same town : )


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