Whenever I visit Cambridge, I imagine Christopher Marlowe walking through the narrowest of the streets. I’m a big fan of Marlowe and on Thursday night, on our way to the Manufacturing Engineering Design show where Tom and his team had their 3rd year project designs on display, we walked past Corpus Christ, Marlowe’s college in the 1580’s, and I had my usual glance to imagine him walking there. It’s a beautiful building, worth looking at even if you aren’t a fan of Marlowe.

It was grey and slightly drizzly, The picture above of part of Kings College shows that, but that didn’t spoil the evening. 11 teams of students, 3 or 4 in a team have spent there 3rd year designing and developing an idea as part of their course. I can’t post the details but suffice it to say, there were some stunning ideas and graphics.

It felt like such a privilege to be amongst these young, very talented enthusiasts . Of course we were proud parents, but I was equally proud to be in the company of vibrant, young, creative minds. I felt like the world would be in safe hands when we older generation give way to them.

And afterwards we took Tom & Laura and Tom’ girlfriend, Kristie, to a restaurant for dinner. where as usual, they “posed” for a picture. Kids!


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