Day 4-Nigella damascena

A beautiful annual I first planted 3 years ago. I was inspired to sow this when I saw a friend’s garden in summer, where these were growing in a manner that suggested a cool stretch of water. I don’t usually grow plants from seeds sown straight into the soil, as we have our very own snail farm here, and they are always grateful for a free feed of young seedling, but I threw some seed around and waited. The first season a couple of plants beat of the molluscs and flowered and there’s been no looking back since.
The website at Kew Gardens informs me they are also known as Love in a Mist, Fennel flower, Wild fennel and Devil-in-a Bush. The name nigella derives from niger, meaning black, and refers to the black seeds that are used in middle eastern cooking. Damascena means from Damascus.
I love the pale blue colouring and that delicate, ferny tracery of leaves.


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