Day 6-French lavender.

Always earlier in flower than my English lavenders, which are just colouring now, I like these plants for their unusual flowers topped with coloured bracts like wings. The Latin name is Lavandula stoechas, but they are commonly referred to as French, Spanish of Italian Lavenders. The foliage is aromatic when it is crushed but the plant is less fragrant than the English lavenders of the Lavandula angustifolia family.
In my garden they are winter hardy but by the second year they have usually grown leggy and shapeless and although they flower well, they don’t seem to like being pruned back, so I treat them as a short lived perennial and replace them with young plants. They are very attractive to bees and other insects.


2 thoughts on “Day 6-French lavender.

  1. Oh! Your camera caught a bee stopping by…
    My lavender is just coloring as well…I don’t have the variety you show here, but I do have a pink one in my mix in the garden that is quite nice.
    I don’t know why supposedly Mediterranean-climate loving herbs do so well in our semi-maritime climates, but they do. My herbs get HUGE…
    And what is that growing behind your lavender?

  2. I think that although Mediterranean plants can grow in all that heat and dryness, the prefer us maritime types!
    You’ve got me scratching my head to remember the name of the little plant behind the lavender. I think it’s a Veronica, but I’ll have to do some research again. Had it for more than a decade and I have forgotten!

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