Day 9 – simply pretty

Just a simple white flower with attractive foliage and no pest problems today,
Geranium sylvaticum “Album”, the white wood geranium. This plant has taken a while to decide it will grow in the garden, but now it is having to compete with a very vigorous campanula, it seems to be happier. Strange things plants.


2 thoughts on “Day 9 – simply pretty

  1. Who says plants don’t have an emotional life?
    I love white flowers…do you have any suggestions for a really spectacular white rose?

  2. We had a rose arch in the garden until it was destroyed by a gale last autumn which carried the fabulous white rambling rose “Seagull.”It flowered every June but being a rambler, only the once, but boy was it worth having. It obliterated all of its foliage with white flowers for 2-3 weeks and the perfume was lovely. We cut it down to remove the trellis and now it has thrown up about 30 new shoots-so next year we should have it back.
    If you want a bush type, try “Winchester Cathedral” or “Swan”-they are David Austin roses so have impeccable pedigrees. I have planted Winchester Cathedral this spring and it’s just coming into flower, but its a bit swamped by the poppies. I’ll post a picture when they open.

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