Day 10-a happy clematis.

It was a lovely evening yesterday and I managed to capture the evening sun on this clematis, making it glow. In normal light it is burgundy coloured, but seems to be more orange in the sunset. It took a long time to settle down and has flowered exceptionally well this year. As to the variety, I admit I am not entirely sure! I think it is Ville de Lyon. I did put the label next to it when it was planted but it has vanished. I searched through a rather good clematis website I found and when I saw this picture, something seemed to resonate in my memory.

I have had mixed fortunes with clematis over the years and have lost lots of them to clematis wilt in the past. However, I kept on buying them and planting them and in this garden, I have had much more luck. This one, after that slow start, is definitely earning its place. It shares a wall with another early clematis with gorgeous blue flowers,”H.F. Young”, a Clematis viticella “Polish Spirit”, the old rose “Madame Alfred Carriere” (in the background), and a white flowered jasmine. I make my walls work hard.


2 thoughts on “Day 10-a happy clematis.

  1. I’ve tried it on a trellis and had no luck. I wonder if the clematis prefer the more even heat of a wall?
    I’ll bet your wall is beautiful!

  2. They say clematis need their heads in the sun, feet in the shade, so perhaps that’s what I have luckily managed. Purely by chance!

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