An abundance of Jasmine-day 11

The jasmine opened two days ago on the sunny side of the wall and in a couple of weeks will flower on the other side and will remain in flower now until August. On warm evenings the scent hangs heavily in the air and attracts numerous night flying moths. I have seen the bats hunting over the wall, feasting on the insects attracted by the flowers. I like to sit near it and just inhale the perfume.

This is such a lovely plant; a bit of a hooligan now it has matured and needing severe treatment with the secateurs to keep it under control, but well worth the trouble. It has spread through suckers that root where they touch the soil and this year I have been removing seedlings too.

Sometimes I pick little sprays of flowers to bring into the house. They have a delicate beauty but don’t last very long; just long enough to enjoy that sweet scent close up.


2 thoughts on “An abundance of Jasmine-day 11

  1. Mmmmm…how heavenly.
    Is it warmer where you are? It must be. Jasmine would not be so sanguine here, I am afraid. We get at least one blast of winter per year. Alas!

  2. We generally have a coldish spell at some point each winter, but haven’t had a bad one with temperatures below freezing for several days for about 10 years now. I have an olive tree in a pot that lives outdoors and a palm tree too, so that probably tells you how mild we are.

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