A little duckling for a rainy day

It’s raining again and now there is thunder rattling around the sky. It has been showery and mild for several days now; everything in the garden’s green and the roses are not especially thrilled as their petals are bashed by the rain.

Today’s plant is another clematis, one that I bought last autumn in the local supermarket and which has flowered prolifically this spring. This one is called “Piilu” and I discovered on the clematis website it was named by Uno Kivistik, an Estonian clematis grower, and that in that language, Piilu means little duckling. How apt for such a soggy day!

There are both double and single flowers on the plants and it is particularly lovely just as the buds burst. This was certainly a happy chance purchase.


One thought on “A little duckling for a rainy day

  1. I would just want to print these lovelies up on fabric a.s.a.p. and applique them onto a quilt!
    Your weather is exactly like ours this week!

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