Lavender blue, dilly dilly, lavender green..

I used to sing that nursery rhyme to my little ones when they were little, back in the last century. Scary when you put it like that. This lavender is the variety Lavandula angustifoliaHidcote“, named for a fabulous English Arts & Crafts Garden, Hidcote Manor, which is not that far from here. Lavenders grow very well in my garden and I grow them in pots too, so I can put them into the borders when the early border perennials finish flowering. Usually they are covered with bees and butterflies, but as the latter haven’t managed the art of flying with umbrellas, they are a bit thin on the ground at the moment.


2 thoughts on “Lavender blue, dilly dilly, lavender green..

  1. Was Hidcote designed by the famous Gertrude Jekyll?
    This variety of lavendar has airier, bluer flowers than my old Munstead variety…

  2. I believe this one was designed by Lawrence Johnston, an American, in the early 20th century, but he read and took advice from Gertrude Jekyll, among many others.Johnstone’s mother bought the house in about 1907. I’m hoping to visit this summer.

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