Capturing the sunshine and a blue geranium

Quick, the sun is shining, rush outside with trowel and bucket and camera before it rains again. Severe weather warning for later-meaning downpours! This is the little corner, not actually a corner, of the garden I like. It has the stone birdbath the children gave me several years ago as a Mother’s Day present, in daily use by my little feathery friends for drinking, bathing and communal splash parties.

Beside the birdbath are the geraniums mentioned in yesterday and today’s post A little yellow viola is adding some colour in there too. The Rowan has the bird feeder hanging from it, beneath which is a gangly sunflower seedling growing from a seed spilled by the birds. there were more, but the slugs have visited. I almost never use slug pellets as there are hedgehogs that visit and plenty of birds and I don’t want to poison them, but I fear there are more slimy things than they can cope with.

The blue haze below the tree is today’s plant, the hardy Geranium “Johnson’s Blue”. It never fails and is such a lovely colour. The RHS awarded it an Award of Garden Merit, meaning there’s really nothing to find fault with! It tends to be floppy, but I like a nice floppy plant to cover the bare earth.

Apart from taking a few photos, I’ve cleared out the last of the Spicy salad leaves that have run to seed, gathered some Pak choi for tonight’s supper, sown radicchio seeds and pulled out some weeds. Its warm, so everything is growing strongly, except the aubergines. They are still tiny and need some good hot weather.


One thought on “Capturing the sunshine and a blue geranium

  1. Ah, the sun!
    We have it too! I also have a floppy Johnson’s Blue, and I treasure its color above all others…

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