Day 17-of moths and cathedrals

It surely is being an odd sort of year. When I flung open the curtains the sun was shining brightly and by the time I had finished in the shower the sky was winter black and it was drizzling. There is quite a strong wind blowing too, never good news for soft plants in summer. We’re near the top of a hill here and have long views to the west, meaning the prevailing wind has uninterrupted access to the back garden. The problems usually happen as the wind bounces back off the building and two or three things are showing signs of being buffeted.

It’s National Moth Count weekend coming up. I heard a piece about it on the radio over breakfast and have been checking out the beautifully illustrated website. Weather permitting I may go out with a torch and look for moths over the next few evenings. We have had very few long, warm twilight evenings this year when it has been inviting enough to sit outside. Sigh. The longer range forecast suggests early July might be better…

Today’s flower is a white rose in its first season. This is another David Austin Rose, Winchester Cathedral, and has the same beautiful quartered shape I am very fond of. It is still quite small and I really need to push the poppies out of the way to give it some more light and air. It would probably enjoy some feed too. I suspect it is a little close to the place where another rose was taken out from and they famously don’t grow well where a previous rose grew. I will keep an eye on it and perhaps move it in the autumn.

The cathedral ,whose name the rose bears, contains the grave of Jane Austen. Laura was a little girl in a buggy when I first read Miss Austen’s memorial stone and Tom was twinkle in our eyes, but Winchester is the city where he was born. It seems fitting to have the rose in the garden.


One thought on “Day 17-of moths and cathedrals

  1. That rose looks like a peony!
    We get winds here too..the Columbia Gorge acts like a giant wind tunnel sometimes. It is very tough on the plants when the winds get going.

    Lovely to commemorate your children in this way!

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