Hydrangea for Day 19

Today I am featuring one of the larger plants in the garden, a white hydrangea, variety unknown, but of the Hydrangea macrophylla type. It was given to me by my dad well over 10 years ago and grew in a pot for a time, before finding its way into the garden below the Cordyline, newly stripped of some of its lower leaves to allow the sunlight to reach the lower plants growing beneath its feet.

In this damp summer the hydrangea is looking well and thriving in the moisture . Normally the dryness of the conditions near the base of the stone wall curtails its growth, but this year it has spread over four feet and is covered in newly opening flowers and delightful green buds. I discovered that “hydrangea” means water barrel, referring to the shape of the open fruits, and that the plants originate in Japan.


One thought on “Hydrangea for Day 19

  1. What a stunning variety..
    I love hydrangeas, too, and have three of them…
    There is a very large hydrangea nursery just south of me and on the Oregon Coast…very damp there, which makes sense!
    I am SO enjoying this series of yours…

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