Midsummer Daylily

Named Stella d’Oro-the Golden Star, I caught this cheery Hemerocallis flower in a little pocket of sunshine between the downpours yesterday afternoon, knowing that today we would be driving up and back to Cambridge to collect all of Tom’s possessions before he finishes his academic term next week. It will be good to have him home for the summer.

The daylily grows in my “hot” bed and has taken over from the poppies in providing the colour there at present. It is fighting its way through a Michaelmas Daisy (slugged chewed), an Alchemilla mollis and under a huge Acanthus spinosus, which will feature very soon. This plant is quite small for a daylily , about twelve inches tall, and I don’t think it is in quite the right spot. I have another, a gorgeous bronze beast, that is in partial shade and which has masses more buds, but no flowers as yet. It might be a variety thing or a location thing, I’m not sure. I suspect the soil dries out just too much for it.

Well, the fields and hedgerows of England were rampantly green for the whole journey to and from Cambridge and the cloudscapes were fabulous:-great rolling grey stratus banks, fluffy, puffy white cumulus catching a few sun rays, towering grey nimbus. All mixed together and creating some amazing visual effects. And of course, offering more abundant moisture.


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