The last week of June (and Wimbledon) begins.

I am now in my last week of daily flower postings for June, but the flowers keep coming. I need to visit the garden centre very soon to get a couple of late summer and autumn stars to keep the colour going right through into the autumn, but at present there are plenty of beautiful flowers taking their turn on the garden stage.

I have chosen one of my real favourites to day. I couldn’t now have a garden without Verbena bonariensis. I first discovered this delightful plant about 5 years ago at a garden fair. It was in bloom and I bought a little specimen for my own garden and we enjoyed it that summer. The following year it didn’t appear, so we bought another at the garden centre. While that new one was establishing itself, seedlings began to appear in other places in the garden-usually where the soil was poorer. They grew strong and we transplanted them into better places, and now we have several plants around the garden.

The individual flowers are tiny, but appear in big clusters, and more keep coming. The whole plant is tall, light and airy and will continue to bloom at least until September and probably beyond. It is adored by butterflies and bees. I am so fond of this Verbena, I bought some seeds this year and sowed them. None have germinated, but in the garden, there are several self sown plants growing strongly. Plants certainly don’t behave as you expect them to.


2 thoughts on “The last week of June (and Wimbledon) begins.

  1. These plants are like beloved old friends that appear for a reunion each year, don’t you think?
    This verbena is unusual…any fragrance from it?

  2. I absolutely agree-they are like beloved old friends and as welcome. It has only the faintest of scents-like an overdiluted buddleia-honey scent. But it has grace in abundance.

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