Where, oh where, is the summer?

At least here in the south of England we have not yet been flooded-it helps being well above river level, unlike those poor souls in Yorkshire where a month’s rain fell in one day. I watched the birds yesterday while I was typing. After one torrential downpour the sun came out , and little birds sat on every high point, hanging their wings to dry. Two sparrows sat on the roof of the bird feeder, feathers fluffed out to dry in the warmth, and a blackbird turned her face up to the sun, like a human sunbather.

Today is not quite so wet but more rain threatens and our coming weekend away at the Saul Canal and Folk music festival has been cancelled. Rather than being Folk on the Water, it would be folk under the water, as the River Severn is high and the festival site is partially submerged. Ho hum.

My little flower today is a sun lover but is tolerating the weather very well. I brought this plant from my last garden nearly 14 years ago. It’s an Osteospermum, free flowering and winter hardy, and bringing its own little rays of sunshine into the garden. I don’t know what variety it is, but whenever I see it, it makes me smile. It’s that sort of a plant.


One thought on “Where, oh where, is the summer?

  1. So sorry about the rain…summer has skipped us before here in the Pacific Northwest…it is cruel.

    I love the Osteospermum; I have several. Our tastes coincide!

    I have read about the Severn in all the Brother Cadfael books…terrible that your outing is cancelled and that folks are getting flooded out. All you can do is stay inside and sew…..

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