A brief summery interlude, and very welcome it is too.

Today I have managed to get out into the sunshine and do some chores in the garden. I have sown some more lettuce and herb seeds for cropping later on and removed some of the rampant growth of weeds. One of the very tame blackbirds has been an almost constant presence, still feeding her youngster, who is holed up in the corner where the Japanese maple grows.

The breeze is strong today and when the sun goes in, it feels quite cool, more like autumn than summer. I tried to get a picture of the newly opened hollyhock flowers, but the plants are swaying around too much, so they will have to wait. Instead, I have included a picture of this little sun lover, newly opened in a sheltered gravelly corner of the garden, facing due south. It is Catanche caerulea, the Cupid’s dart, a native of southern Europe and North Africa, which is why it is happy in this hot spot in my garden. It is very much like a cornflower. The ancient Greeks and Romans used the plant in love charms and aphrodisiacs and was was said to make the recipient fall totally in love.

There are now only 2 days left of my “flowers for June” postings. At the start of the month I was not sure I would have 30 different plants in flower, but I have more than that. I will probably continue to post newly opened plants into July as they arrive, but I know that the main flush of the perennials is now coming to an end, although many will stay in flower for some weeks. There will be plenty of floral delights in the containers I have planted up with fuchsias, geraniums, petunias, verbena, impatiens and the like.

In a bigger garden I would have an August border, full of semi tender plants such as callas, but I have never had the space or time here. However, I am thinking of reorganising a piece of land outside out garden wall in the autumn. It is hot and dry and might, with a bit of soil improvement make a a good August bed. Watch this space!


2 thoughts on “A brief summery interlude, and very welcome it is too.

  1. Well, I’m in love with that Cupid’s Dart!
    I hope you will get that August border going, as I will find it most instructional. My later-summer plants are mainly phlox, dahlias, and Michelmas Daisies…I’d like to add more to the mix….

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