Last but one day of the garden tour-and a fabulous visit.

I galloped out to the garden this morning and took pictures of the new hollyhock flowers before the wind and weather get to them. They are lovely plants and seem relative immune to the molluscs although this one is now suffering from rust and may have to go soon. It’s shed dozens of little ones all over the place, so I guess it has replaced itself.

I grow this plant right in front of the kitchen window, so from now until autumn I will be enjoying these cheerful flowers every day.

As our planned visit to the folk festival has been cancelled because of the floods, we decided to make the most of the few days Rob has taken off . Today we toyed with the idea of going to Hidcote, but they are not open on Fridays, so instead we went to Mottisfont Abbey, home of the national collection of old roses. There are over 350 varieties of rose there, and although they informed us when we arrived that the main flush was over, we were not disappointed.

I have had the most amazing day, surrounded by fabulous plants, but tonight as there are nearly 200 pictures to go through,I shall just post a couple to whet the appetite. Tomorrow I hope to do a tour.

Right by the entrance to the walled garden this fabulous clematis was in full flower. I think it is called Prince Charles.
And the wall on the other side of the entrance is also covered in climbers, but I have really included this picture to give you some idea of just how wet it has been.

And through the entrance were greeted by this border…and the sun is about to come out. More tomorrow.


One thought on “Last but one day of the garden tour-and a fabulous visit.

  1. You are at the Epicenter of Great Gardens! How lucky for us that you will give us a tour. I can’t wait!

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