"Raindrops on roses.."

I couldn’t resist continuing the flower blog when this beauty came into flower today, complete with raindrops. It’s such a splendid colour and has a beautiful scent too-everything you need in a rose. It is called William Shakespeare and I think the Bard would have enjoyed having this one named for him.

I was listening to the weather report for June this morning. It has been wetter than average, as we all suspected, but also warmer than average. So far this year we are 1 1/2 degrees above the average. And apparently we are now entering our 5th year of above average temperatures. Hmm.
I know averages are just that, but it makes you wonder about climatic instability. I read that the jet stream, controlling the airflow in the upper atmosphere is much further south than usual at this time of year, which is why we are receiving one wet Atlantic depression after another. I live in hope that it will shift north at some point before September.


One thought on “"Raindrops on roses.."

  1. I have been on a garden ramble at Waikino Waihi NZ. 30/10/09.
    I had never heard of David Austin roses.
    I now have a very deep interest in these stunning roses with their intense beauty and perfume.
    Just Joey was a special rose as it is in an old 92yr old friends garden

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