The last iris

In the spring I planted 30 Dutch iris bulbs ( Iris hollandica)I spotted in the supermarket. I have never grown them before, although I do grow the lovely Bearded Irises, as well as the little spring Iris reticulata. I put about 20 bulbs in the garden and 10 in a pot, just to be on the safe side. Lots of foliage appeared but not a single flower. And then 1 flower bud appeared which we watched with anticipation and on the day it bloomed, a slug ate through the stem! I brought it indoors and it is sitting in a glass on the kitchen windowsill. Don’t you just love gardening?


One thought on “The last iris

  1. This beauty was worth waiting for.

    Gardening in a way is a perpetual war. Right now we are battling an army of black aphids all over the tomatoes…and rabbits…and slugs…and of course the deer, when they’re not fenced out.

    But what can we do? Every year a few things really shine and do well while others fall in battle…and as my mom used to say, “Just wait until next year!”

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