Improving the kitchen window border

I have been working in the garden for a couple of days now, to restore the damage following the removal of the jasmine and to improve the kitchen window border, after being inspired by our visit to Mottisfont last week.

The restoration came about as a result of last week’s work by the local council, who came and removed most of the vegetation outside the garden wall ahead of “adopting”, that is taking responsibility, for the access road to our house. They removed some large plants, including a lovely golden conifer and the beautiful Buddleia that had come into full bloom. The result of their work was that they also cut back the jasmine that had grown from the inside of the garden over the top of the wall and was twining through the Buddleia. That would not have been a problem, as most of the jasmine was growing and flowering in the back garden. However, we had incredibly strong winds last week which ripped the jasmine off the wall and dumped it on the vegetables!. So it was out with the jasmine to save the vegetables. It will grow back in time….but I couldn’t bear to take pictures. It was too sad.

So instead I have concentrated on adding more plants to the “kitchen window border”, that is the one that is visible as I work in the kitchen!. The huge poppies have finished now and have left a bare, dull space. Every inch of this tiny garden has to count for something, so this morning I went to the wonderful local garden centre, armed with the list of plants that had impressed me when we visited Mottisfont, intending to get at least 2 new high summer flowering perennials.

I spent a happy hour strolling through the vast selection on offer and finally settled for Achillea “Moonshine”, shown above, a deep blue Agapanthus, Midnight Star, and a lower growing verbena, Verbena rigida. The agapanthus blud are opening but not out yet. I planted them out, also adding a lovely Coreopsis we bought last week.

When we have some sunshine I will endeavour to take a better picture of the border. The hollyhocks and Acanthus and peach coloured Rose “Abraham Darby are filling the back of the border nicely, and the white cosmos and Sedum spectabile are doing a great job at the front, so the new plants are filling that middle ground. Unlike my earlier colours, I have gone for more yellows and reds


One thought on “Improving the kitchen window border

  1. Oh, the council took some drastic measures! That IS sad….
    I am glad you found a way to overcome that…by planting new plants!
    That top picture shows how rich your combinations are in the garden…

    Isn’t it funny how our color tastes change from year to year? This year I just want more and more orange and purple together, with some hot pink thrown in. Come to think of it, that’s what I want in my quilts, too!

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