Things you probably don’t know about duckweed.

I was inspired by these photos on the Wild West Yorkshire website to go down and look at what was happening in our pond. Not long ago, I had to remove some water lily leaves from the pond and a I worked, a beautiful red damsel fly came and rested on the pond surface, but there have not been many days this summer when I have wanted to spend much time beside the water. I am hoping there will be some good weather soon as there are several lily buds ready to open.

I am struggling with pondweed this year. The little floating duckweed Lemna minor, has been growing abundantly, obliterating the surface of all of the little ponds I have. ( I have 4)
I have been hauling it out, dutifully leaving lying beside the pond to allow the pond lurkers to return to the water, and then a week later repeating the process. Its been a losing battle this year, so I have been doing some research and came across this fascinating article by Richard Burkmar.
I now understand why I am losing my battle. I gleaned from the article that duckweed is believed to be the worlds fastest growing plant and can double its biomass in 10 days. It grows 20 times more quickly than corn and there are plans to develop the use of duckweed as fodder plant for pigs and fish because of its high protein content.
Well, there you go! Perhaps I should be rather more amazed by it.


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