Shakespeare in the open air.

On Saturday night we went to watch a production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream, by William Shakespeare, in the grounds of the wonderful Elizabethan Manor House, Hazelbury Manor.
The house is not normally open for public access and although we have lived in our present house for 13 years we have never visited the Manor before. It is just beautiful, both in architecture and setting and has a fabulous garden, this being the setting for the play.

A covered stand had been erected on one of the lawns and the stage area include a stretch of lawn, 2 flights of stone steps and a bank. I am sure you can imagine how the cast used all of these areas, the whole being backed by yew hedges clipped into fabulous shapes, including an enormous chess set.
Before the play began it was possible to picnic in the grounds and obtain refreshments from a marquee set up on the lawn, as can be seen in the picture below.

The play began in daylight but as darkness fell it became even more enchanting. The lighting and sound effects were so good and the gardens looked quite magical. I so enjoyed the production, as both the cast and the setting were excellent. We took photos but my little camera did not cope well with the low light, so I have included a couple here from the very good website of pictures here.

Oberon and Puck

Titania and Bottom

Pyramus,Thisbe and the Wall.


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