Mostly hydrangeas

Well, they say that it’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good, and the winds that have brought the rain to our summer have been a blessing to the hydrangeas. Yesterday we visited the Hillier Arboretum just outside Romsey and saw the most magnificent display of Hydrangeas I have ever seen.

I’m not the world’s greatest fan of hydrangeas-I associate them with suburban gardens and over manicured plots, but after yesterday I think I have become much more of a fan.
Okay, I have got a hydrangea n my garden, given to me by dad and therefore of sentimental value, but I have to say I have nothing like some of the plants we saw. The soil at the arboretum is acid (mine isn’t) and the range of colours was stunning. I knew soil conditions affected the colours of the flowers, but these conditions were just perfect-a sheltered warm spot, with plenty of trees to provide some shade and of course, the abundant rainfall.

The hydrangeas are planted over a fairly extensive area, very pleasant to walk through and we witnessed every shade of blue and pink, from the palest to almost black, although I was not especially keen on the darkest plant. I do, however, love the lace caps, as you can see in the following pictures.

The last 2 pictures were of flowers on the same bush, seen below., measuring about 8 feet across. It was stunning, both from a distance and close to.

I was also very taken with this beauty,

Aren’t those flowers just amazing?

I’m less of a fan of the pink hydrangeas, …..

……….although this one is quite spectacular, and I thought this pale one interesting too.

And to finish with, this lovely study in pale sky blue and cream.

All of them were such eye candy, I ran out of digital memory on my camera!


3 thoughts on “Mostly hydrangeas

  1. Judith, thank you so much for posting all the lovely photos of the hydrangeas. They look so fresh and vibrant. The fourth and the eighth photos showed varieties I don’t remember seeing before; they were a special treat.

  2. I have enjoyed the variety of your beautiful hydrangeas. The forth and the last must be most common in Japan.

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