A little gem of a flower.

In my little garden I have four little ponds, two in the front garden and two in the back. The pond in the back garden is a “proper” pond, circular, about 4 feet across and 3 feet deep and built by a real builder. In fact the pond was made in the garden before we actually moved into the house, which we did almost exactly 13 years ago.

The three other ponds are tiny. Two are in big green plant pots, about 15 inches across and about 18 inches deep, sunk into the earth to their rims, and the last is half of a wooden barrel, 3 feet across and about 15 inches deep. All of them are immensely attractive to wildlife. For instance, in the little barrel frogs spawn, newts appear on occasions, dragonflies lay eggs. And all this within 4 feet of my front door.

The little green pot pond that lies adjacent to the barrel has been completely colonised by this dwarf waterlily. The flower is 3 inches across and as lovely as any full sized bloom. Here it is, resting on the rim of the pot. It’s quite perfect.


2 thoughts on “A little gem of a flower.

  1. What fun you must have peering into the little ponds to see what’s happening next. Of course, taking care of the duckweed sounds like hard work. But like so many things the reward of seeing this beautiful waterlily, the dragonflies…

    Thanks for taking all the pictures of the gardens and artwork above. I feel like I’ve gone on a tiny get-away in the midst of my day when I read through some of your posts.

  2. I’m so glad you enjoy the visits. I feel as if I have achieved my aim of providing a little oasis of contact with the natural world if you feel this way. And I love sharing what I can enjoy with others.

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