More details from Sunday’s visit

In addition to the wonderful hydrangeas we saw on Sunday, there was an exhibition of sculpture at Hillier Arboretum and some of the pieces were delightful. I am very fond of dragonflies and several of the pieces feature those wondrous creatures.

Just beside the entrance there is a pebble lined formal pool that has dragonflies at one end. You can see one of them in the bottom left corner.

And here in close up….

They are made of chromium or something similarly shiny, and the wings are glass. I really like the blue winged one.

A little further on there is a beautiful decorative metal arch that has this pair in the apex of it.

And further still we came across this lovely free standing sculpture. I forget how much it cost-in the thousands of pounds, if I recall. I shall content myself with watching the real thing beside my pond!

As well as the dragonflies there were numerous other pieces of varying size and construction. I was very take by this metal horse-I love horses and thought this very fine. I think I would have situated it somewhere else in the gardens-it seemed a little lost here.

The garden has several huge and gorgeous herbaceous borders. This one has a bench made of marble and oak at the very far end of it-also for sale. It is a pity the rain clouds were threatening-the light does not do justice to the quality of the planting.

And just to finish, some flowers for a summer’s day. I have been delighted by the Agapanthus flowers we have seen in several different gardens this summer, so much so that I have planted one in my garden that is just about to come into flower. This variety is “Headbourne hybrids”

And two day lilies, bejewelled by raindrops. The pink is called “Neyron Rose” but I didn’t notice the name of the yellow.


2 thoughts on “More details from Sunday’s visit

  1. Just to say – if you ever get to visit The National Botanic Garden of Wales, in their walled garden they have a beautiful dragonfly sculpture sitting on a log.

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