"Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible!"

If you are reading this in the UK you may remember the days before continuous TV broadcasting. Back in the day, before satellites and digital, TV was broadcast at peak times only and there were 2 channels. The BBC and ITV (Independent television). Then BBC2 arrived and there were 3. But there weren’t enough programmes to fill all the hours of the day and night, so to fill the space, a picture called the Test Card was broadcast. That’s it, above.

Engineers used it to help tune televisions and it was sent out when there was a break in transmission for one reason of another, usually accompanied by the announcement, “Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.”

Well I am broadcasting my garden picture today for similar reasons. I took it yesterday when there was a brief sunny interlude, but as I waded through lake sized puddles to go to work and listened to the hammering torrent on the roof above me, I began to wonder if normal service would be resumed, weatherwise, soon. So, I shall gaze at my garden and look forward to sitting outside again soon!


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