I don’t quite know what it is about these little guys that is so cute, but there is something. Perhaps it’s the reminder of Beatrix Potter stories featuring Mrs Tiggywinkle in her bonnet and apron..

…a story I read to both of my children when they were little.

Whatever it is, it was with great delight that I saw a hedgehog, minus bonnet and apron, trotting about on the lawn yesterday evening. It must be a great summer for hedgehogs-the slugs are very abundant in my garden and I was delighted to see this little fellow tucking in voraciously. This is the first one I have seen in the garden this year, although there have been little piles of droppings, so I knew there were hedgehogs about.

Normally they emerge after dark, but this one was out while it was still daylight. The light was so poor yesterday, and we had the most monsoon like rainfall. The hedgehog at one point shook itself, like a little dog, throwing showers of droplets from its spines. The visitor was an adult, about 10 inches long. Last year a female brought her youngsters to the garden, so I perhaps, in due course, we will have small spiny visitors.

Anyone interested in these fascinating creatures might look at this article, full of interesting facts about hedgehogs and very readable.


2 thoughts on “Hedgehog!

  1. Judith – your garden photographs are absolutely superb! In fact, ALL your photos are superb! How on earth do you achieve such professional-looking results? Also, I’m so happy to find another stitcher who shares my interest in plants and gardens.

    Inspired by your example,I’m now going to do some more pics in our garen, and try harder to make them better!


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