My lovely new bench.

I moved my old bench last week to mow the grass, and amidst a loud splintering, it collapsed : (

I was quite sad, because I love my garden bench and have been known to spend time on it, enjoying the sunshine and the birdsong. A bench is a focal point in a garden too-I use mine as a sort of “sculpture”, moving it around at different seasons to draw the eye to different sections.
So,I just had to go and get a replacement. I would have quite liked the limestone and oak bench I saw at Hilliers, but with a price tag of £4,0000 it was just a tad pricey! Too big for my garden anyway : )

So instead, I settled for this little wooden number, bought flat packed at the local supermarket and carefully put together by my husband at the weekend, and placed beneath my young Himalayan birch tree. The tree was a present from parents at the school I taught at just before we bought this house exactly 13 years ago. Those thoughtful parents gave me 3 trees for the bare patch that was my new garden-the birch, a Kashmir Ash ( Sorbus cashmeriana) and an autumn flowering cherry (Prunus subhirtella autumnalis). They are all thriving, and provide shade and shelter for me and for my feathery visitors.

I took this picture as I sat down to type this post-one of the regular wood pigeon visitors, just about to slide down the roof of the bird table and settle to feed.

And this one captures a blackbird on the bird table and a glimpse of the sort of day I am enjoying today outside my window. No barbecue again today then!! I shall sew instead.


2 thoughts on “My lovely new bench.

  1. I think if I moved my bench it would collapse, too! I just weedwhip under it…
    Your garden looks tidy and quite ravishing with all its extra moisture this summer. That blue planter is beautiful in there, too.
    Hope you are not in any flood zone…

    It’s good to be back home with my blogging friends again!

  2. I like this post since it expresses a way of contenting ourselves with what happens, what we have and what we have been given. It speaks right to my heart in many ways.

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