After the rain the sun.

It has been the most curious summer, or non-summer, more correctly, but for the last couple of days, and this morning, there has been a strange golden light in the sky. Oh yes, its the Sun!
I am very aware of how the available light affects people’s moods and certainly for the last few weeks there has been a general grey and gloominess to the sky that has been quite upsetting. We have so luckily not suffered inundation from rivers but have been subjected to lengthy and repeated downpours and an ongoing lack of quality daylight. But I think now we are in for some summer. Its still cool this morning-the temperature fell to 7 degrees last night and that is quite autumnal but it should rise to the low 20s today and be very pleasant.

Non Britons may wonder about the British obsession with the weather. Well, we get such a variety in such a short space of time that its always worth a comment. Like the island itself, very small but infinitely variable over short distances.

Yesterday we took a Monday walk-yes Monday-Rob was on holiday- and saw this horse trough in the village of Maiden Bradley, bathed in yes, sunshine. I loved the inscription, which reads,

“Drink traveller of Bradley’s purest pill,
Which strange to say runs quite a mile uphill,
Then to your panting steeds let all attend,
An honest horse is surely man’s best friend”

A very Victorian sentiment, but lovely nonetheless.

Today I am going to try to restore a little equilibrium to the the living things. Later I hope to post some pictures of how the garden is doing, when I have restored some of the damage.


2 thoughts on “After the rain the sun.

  1. We are the same way about whether here in the Portland, Oregon area. But that is because your climate and ours is so similar.
    We had a non-summer once, a few years ago it rained all the way through…it felt like a rip-off of cosmic proportions…but what can we do?
    We can go to the Alhambra Palace perhaps….is that you on the parapet in Granda? How wonderful to see your face!

  2. It is indeed me and the gardens of the Alhambra are truly Eden. My ideal job would be working as a gardener there.Hoping to go again next Spring-but if not there, to see the spring flowers in the Sierra Nevada mountains in Southern Spain.

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