Normal service is resumed

Yay! Its a beautiful afternoon and I have managed to inspect the damage, rectify a little of it, tidy up a lot and enjoy the weather. Perfect. Some things have coped very well. Surprisingly, this white cosmos has stood up to the rain brilliantly. Definitely worth growing that again next year.

The purple loosetrife, Lythrum salicaria, that grows at the bottom of the garden near the pond has also performed like a true star, but it is a moisture loving plant. It looks happy with its purple Cotinus companion, “Grace”.

This is my lovely new Agapanthus-Midnight Star. The buds have been ready to burst for a while, but yesterday they exploded into their fireworks . Its a lovely deep blue and I am happy with its position in front of the pale yellow Achillea. Hopefully they will look even better next summer when they are truly established.

This little corner of the patio has several pots and a terracotta trough. The fuchsias are OK but the petunias are less than happy. A couple have opened today but there are a lot spoiled by the wet and by the immense slugs. I’m hoping a few fine days will encourage the plants and discourage the molluscs. The fuchsia below is a favourite, the variety is Winston Churchill.

And to finish, the honeysuckle that scrambles over the wall is now in full flower. This one is Graham Thomas. It is very fragrant and in the evenings, the bats circle above it collecting insects attracted to the nectar.

It does feel good to be able to go outside again, as if a great weight has been lifted. I am lucky not to be dependant on the weather for my own food, because the tomatoes are horribly infected with potato blight, as I understand are large acreages of the nations potatoes, and the slug population has been hard on anything leafy and green. It looks as if the sun may have come in time to save some of the grain harvest too. A few days like today will no doubt help enormously, both the farmers and everyone’s mood.


2 thoughts on “Normal service is resumed

  1. Beautiful tour, as always, Judith!
    So glad the sun is out at last, not only for the flowers but for the well-being of the British populace as well…and having been a farmer, I know how crushing uncooperative weather can be. Here’s hoping for a decent harvest for those hard-working folks….

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