I love these firework flowers, all suggestive of Mexico and hot summers. These are not in my garden, but in my MiLs in Devon. On Sunday,when the sun shone gloriously, these fellows were flowering their heads off, soaking up the warmth.

I only know the name of the simple plain red one below, with its wine red buds and foliage. It is the gloriously named Bishop of Landaff and has reliably flowered in her garden for several years, spending the winter in her well drained soil in the ground. I know they enjoy some good local manure and that probably explains the stunning quality of the flowers.

I am regularly tempted by dahlias when the tubers appear in the Garden Centre in the spring, but I resist, on the grounds that the slug farm already feeds a big enough population of those beasties. Its the same with hostas. Love ’em. Daren’t grow ’em! I am content to admire them elsewhere.


2 thoughts on “Dahlias

  1. So are you averse to slug bait? The little pellets? I just use them while the plants are emerging…once they outgrow all danger, I let the slugs have a few meals off of them…before I pick them off by hand (ew!), throw them over the wall and onto the cement!
    I hate killing them, but I do send them off with a prayer for a higher incarnation next time!
    The dahlias give us so much color in the dog days of August and on into the fall…are you sure you can resist?

  2. I use “hedgehog friendly” slug bait, but it seems to be slug friendly too!! This summer is just dreadful for them, so maybe next year I will be tempted. I’m fighting off the cabbage caterpillars too. Feels like invertebrate wars over here : D

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