My little piece of Eden

It is the most beautiful morning in this little corner of Eden. Cool and crisp but a clear blue sky, the colour of pale Wedgewood porcelain, promises warmth in an hour or two.

The garden is now in full summer robes, with autumn just beginning to whisper its arrival in the white berries on the Kashmir ash. Much of the colour in the garden comes from the tubs and pots and other containers of fuchsias, geraniums, petunias and other tender plants, although the perennials still form the focal point in the borders. The Caryopteris and Myrtle are still to flower, just coming into bud now, as are the Sedum spectabile and Michaelmas daisies. They offer the promise of shades of pink and purple still to come.

I was listening to a gardening programme on the radio yesterday that suggested planting autumn flowering bulbs now. I have border near the pond that is glorious in March and in April but quieter through the summer. Perhaps I shall plant autumn crocus and cyclamen there. Mmmm– a trip to the garden centre summons me…


One thought on “My little piece of Eden

  1. Eden is right!!!
    Thanks so much for the picture…your garden is sumptuous in detail but still so finely composed…and you make me want to lose my prejudice against fuscias next year….

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