Waiting patiently for produce

When I prepared the land for gardening this spring, I had imagined that the weather would be as golden as last year and by this time, my grow-your-own-ratatouille kit-courgettes, onions, tomatoes would be yielding the makings of that favourite of mine in profusion by now. Of course Nature has put paid to that by providing sufficient water for a goodly crop of rice, had I planted any!After yesterday’s monsoon-like downpours, the sun has made a welcome return this morning, so I went out to see what if anything was happening with the vegetables.

The beans are yielding well now.I think they may have finally got their roots down to the quantity of manure I put in their trench, and under their feet I planted pumpkins. They have been so slow to grow, and one is still looking timidly out into the garden, but its companion has finally uttered a loud cheer and is setting off across the bean row. On close inspection, I spotted this tiny baby pumpkin child, just forming behind the flower bud., and clinging to a bean shoot…

I feel a true maternal pride!

Looking amongst the courgettes, growing in front of the beans, I was rewarded with these little beauties…the yellow variety is called Gold Rush.

And my poor blighted tomatoes have just started to colour. This time last year we were eating tomatoes every day and I was beginning to stock up on jars for preserving. This year it seems very unlikely I will have any spare for preserving, although perhaps the autumn will be warm and lovely and everything will continue to grow on into October. Nature often balances the seasons. And perhaps I can look forward to home grown ratatouille still.


2 thoughts on “Waiting patiently for produce

  1. I have had to wait until this week to pick my first runner beans (as I planted them late this year) there are lots more to come, weather permitting. After rain showers this morning the sun is now peeking through the clouds so I shall get outside to see if I can pick any more!

  2. Those yellow summer squash are producing wonderfully! If not for the blight, the tomatoes look as they’ve grown great also. Lots of blight this year. And flooding.

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