Splendour in the grass

I been doing a lot of garden watching from inside the house recently. It’s cool and wet and not very inviting for spending too much time outside. The sun peeped out briefly this afternoon, encouraging me to to mow the meadow that the back lawn has become. In mid-mow, I spotted this little beauty growing in the grass. I have, of course, mowed around it. The little flower measures only 1 cm across-its tiny and perfect.

I had to lift the Caryopteris (this variety is the golden leaved one, Worcester Gold), battered by the rain, to mow under it. It was humming with these little bumble bees. I think they are Carder bees ( Bombus pascuorum) but I’m not an expert on bees. They were certainly enjoying this plant, as well as the lavender that is in full flower.


3 thoughts on “Splendour in the grass

  1. What a lovely viola, my step-mum calls them ‘little faces’. Your caryopteris looks lovely, it is one of the plants that I haven’t got around to purchasing yet, maybe because of struggling to find a space for one in my garden; I would have every plant in the garden centre if I could give it a home. I also love lavender but unfortunately mine has gone over now, roll on next summer.

  2. Late for lavender, isn’t it? But knowing you, you have found some obscure variety that blooms at the end of summer! Or maybe it is a second flowering?

    I mow around flowers, too… 😉

    We’ve had rain here for 5 days, but today the sun is coming back, so I need to venture out and assess the situation…lots of lodged flowers is what I’m guessing I’ll find. I’ll have to pick them all for a massive bouquet!

  3. I think the lavender has just kept growing and setting flower buds! Must be all the rain. I still live in hope that there will be a golden autumn-we’re so mild here things will keep on growing.

    I get round the lack of garden space by growing things in pots on every flat surface too! I have a baby caryopteris in a pot I took as a cutting last summer. I’m sure I’ll find somewhere for it!.

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