I am always fascinated by the reports other people include on their blogs about prevailing weather conditions, reflecting how much we are still affected by the natural world, even though we live in a world we seek to control. I read about Marty’s struggles with the air conditioning in Phoenix and remembered holidays we took in the late 1970’s and 80’s with Rob’s parents in Bermuda, where the humidity was of sauna like proportions and an air conditioner let you sleep at night.
And I was awed by the pictures taken 2 years ago on Allie’s blog of the approach of Hurricane Katrina.
Nothing that dramatic is happening here at present, our climate having moved into the quiet breath before the approach of blowing Autumn, which I noticed yesterday is waiting in the wings. The front lawn had a dusting of birch leaves and down beside the Avon, swans were laying down a quilt of fine feathers as they preened themselves, preparing their winter plumage and discarding the tired summer feathers. It was a pretty sight, 8 swans in a line all shedding little feathers as they groomed themselves in the sunshine.

After the trip to Shrewsbury there was much to catch up on, both indoors and out. It was a lovely afternoon, and amidst doing some of the gardening chores,I took these pictures. Summer’s final blaze. I hope you enjoy.

Late flowering lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) with CoreopsisCalurosa” in the background and above.

Sedum “Autumn Joy” with Buff tailed Bumble bee above and honeybee below. Yesterday afternoon was a wonderful one for spotting different bees.

Japanese anemone, unknown variety. These are getting better and better every year and thrive in this shady corner under the beech hedge, facing north east. They are related to wood anemones.

The hardy fuchsia “Dollar Princess”. What a fabulous colour that blue is, and the plant, in its second summer, came through the winter without protection, in the garden.


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  1. The Japanese anemone are especially wonderful to me…
    My thoughts are naturally turning to autumn, too. I think the seasons are timed just right, don’t you?

  2. I hope you had a lovely break away, what lovely weather we have been having. Over the weekend, I took some photos of my sedum and with similar bees on! I too have a Japanese anemone much the same as yours, mine is Richard Arhens (luckily I am a bit of a hoarder and I do keep most of my plant labels). I have three fuchsias which I keep in pots which overwinter well, we seem to get away with a lot of things living in the south. I think coreopsis are value for money and so easy to keep, I have Mayfield giant, it flowers over such a long period which is always very welcome in my garden.

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