New look, new month, new year.

Young cabbages waiting to be transplanted, baby turnips, maturing leeks in one of my 4 foot beds.

I know it’s not New Year, but like others, I feel that September is the start of something different. The children are back at school for the start of a new Academic year, the harvest is in and thoughts are turning to preparations for new cultivations , so it really feels like the beginning of something fresh and different.

I am taking this positive stance following the blues I suffered at the end of August, which felt very “endish”. I have spent a lovely afternoon taming the little Eden outside my back door. It is so gloriously warm today, it was an absolute pleasure to get down on my hands and knees to do some weeding. Yep, I actually enjoyed weeding, enlivened as it was by the discovery of so many self sown perennial seedlings. I took a little time out to sit and contemplate the colours and sounds, and enjoy the warmth.

I caught myself daydreaming about making a quilted kneeler, to save the knees from the hard, hard ground. Was I a lady of a certain age yet? Did I need a kneeler, quilted or otherwise? It was a pleasant muse, but have decided I can manage the ground for a little longer yet!

I harvested French beans and carrots for supper, and then decided to do some weeding on my blog, choosing this new template for the start of my New Year. I have moved a few things round, edited out some elements and updated others. I hope it’s all clear. Happy New Year!


5 thoughts on “New look, new month, new year.

  1. I don’t know about you, but the feel of autumn in the air gets me thinking about crocheting an afghan or something. Perhaps this is where your desire to quilt is coming from? I once had the urge to make a quilt, but never having done it before decided to make a pillow sham instead. It was a very pleasing project and turned out to be just the right size. A baby quilt is another nice small project.

  2. There is something new about September. I have been making plans for the Autumn and Winter. Getting things cleared, mulched, planted. A wonderful time!

  3. I thought you had changed your template, it looks very tidy, and so does your garden, you shamed me into getting outside for an hour early this evening to do a bit of tidying, my patch looks a little better for it. A quilted kneeler sounds lovely, more lovely than the rectangle of thick upholstery foam which I use, not very glamorous but it does save my knees from getting scuffed on the edging. As I am typing this I can hear the tic tic of the robin outside and a dragonfly is flying around too.

  4. Glorious evening isn’t it? I went outside to listen to the house martins on the evening feeding flight. I always miss them when they leave, but there are plenty about yet. The were swallows still feeding young when I went out on Tuesday.

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