Slug love! Not for the faint hearted.

I took this picture yesterday morning on the back lawn, not because it was a thing of beauty, but because it was horribly fascinating. I am NOT a big fan of slugs, both aesthetically and from a gardening point of view. I try to find beauty in all nature, but I’m struggling with slugs, especially mating slugs.

Because I find the whole slug thing unpleasant, I decided that information was what I needed to try and come to terms with the yuckyness of the beasties. I am, after all, open minded and prepared for someone to convince me that there really is beauty in all nature. I searched for mating slugs through Google and turned up a David Attenborough video (now on U Tube here) about mating leopard slugs. Grim but fascinating, but too much over a rich tea biscuit and a nice cup of tea. There were lots of links to banana slug mating rituals too but I really can’t go there…

I did then find this site, where Stuart Bennet, The Pied Piper, with friendly graphics and straightforward information managed to give me enough information to now “Know my enemy” and perhaps respect them a little more. But I still don’t like those little white mites that run all over them. Euuugh.

As for Romeo & Juliet above..or should that be Romiet and Juilo, being hermaphrodite, as with the originals, their story ends in tragedy. Supply your own ending.


5 thoughts on “Slug love! Not for the faint hearted.

  1. Did you see Gardener’s World last night, their resident slugs were dying a death by filter coffee, can’t think of a better way to go!

  2. Too funny!
    When I see slugs on the edge of the yard doing no harm, I let them be. But when I find them in the garden, alas….I send them on to marigold heaven.

  3. Wow, what a thing to walk in on!

    As with most creepy crawlies, when they are in my living space, it’s time for them to check out…..when I’m in theirs, I pass on by. However, my garden most certainly is my space.

  4. Hi Judith, the coffee treatment was a strip of dry filter coffee dregs around the plants, not so much thick but to make it wide, basically the slugs were just finding it difficult to move over the ground as they were getting coated with coffee, maybe cruel but it did seem to work.

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