The water lilies in the little pond by the front door have grown quite sprawly, providing cool shade for wildlife. Returning from the supermarket this morning, I was greeted by Froggy, who has been a bit difficult to spot lately. He/she was lurking under the shelter of the leaves, wearing a charming robe of green duckweed. I thought it set off those eyes beautifully.


2 thoughts on “Froggy

  1. Hi Judith, your tiny frog looks really sweet, how nice to be able to hide away and then just pop up when something interesting takes your eye, maybe it spotted something for its lunch. How nice to have a pond in your garden, I just really on the neighbourhood frogs venturing outside of their territory, I think they like our damp ivy, which we inherited from the previous owner!

  2. I love the froggies…Cute picture!

    Our Pacific Chorus Frogs have retired for the season, but what fabulous music they make in the spring at night….so loud!
    Now we have crickets striking up the bow for our autumn moonlit nights….

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