Love them or loathe them, at this time of year you literally can’t avoid them. My garden is festooned with orb web spider webs of varying sizes. I even have one on my car that runs from the door to the wing mirror. The owner shelters in the rim of the mirror when I go anywhere.

Unlike my feelings towards slugs, spiders fascinate me. Consulting Stuart Bennets very informative website again, I learned that Britain has 600 species of spiders, all harmless to man. I start with this fact to reassure the arachnophobes out there. They have complex life cycles and deeply complex courtship rituals, not to mention staggeringly beautiful webs. I expect more webs will appear on these pages as the autumn progresses.

One very interesting fact I learned this morning was about silk. I knew spider silk was stronger than the equivalent diameter steel wire. I didn’t know that “spider silk is only about 1/200th of a millimetre in diameter and is so light that if a spider could spin a strand around the world it would weigh less than 6 oz.” (Casual Intruders, as above)
How about that?


2 thoughts on “Spider

  1. It’s funny…I didn’t learn to love spiders until I started crazy quilting. (Spiders always appear on traditional CQs…they symbolize good luck.) But learning to portray them in stitches opened the door to my appreciation for them…and now, for all insects!
    Will love seeing more of them here.

  2. Great photo Judith. My garden is full of these orb web spiders at this time of year too, and as more often than not they decide to spin their webs across the pathways I do forget and end up walking through them, as I am not keen on spiders generally I am never too happy to have one dangling from my hair! I do feel really sorry when I destroy their webs but they are amazing little creatures as by the next day they have spun a new one. Worse still is to have one abseil down onto your lap whilst you are driving, I think they come out of the garden rubbish sacks whilst taking to the tip.

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