Farwell, for now, sweet summer visitor.

For the last few days I have been going out into the garden around supper time, listening and looking for the House Martins. They have been in the air over the house since April, but at some time over the weekend, no doubt sensing the change in the wind, they have left. No more twittering calls as they hunt for insects.

I really miss the martins when they go. We don’t see many swallows up here, although not far away down in the river valley there are plenty, and whilst I hear and see swifts in the summer overhead, they don’t nest locally either. But the martins moved onto the estate at the same time as the houses were being built. in fact, some of the houses had house martin tenants before humans.

There were fewer martins this year. Neither of the nest sites on the 2 houses opposite were used. That’s sad. Perhaps next year there will be more again, but I don’t know how well they have fared with the very wet summer we had. Fingers crossed and here’s wishing for their safe return next April.


3 thoughts on “Farwell, for now, sweet summer visitor.

  1. I miss the birds when they go, too. What lovely pictures here!
    The geese are honking overhead now, on their way south. They bring to mind these lyrics from Joni Mitchell’s
    “Urge for Going”…..

    Now the warriors of winter they gave a cold triumphant shout
    And all that stays is dying, all that lives is getting out
    See the geese in chevron flight flapping and a-racing on before the snow
    They’ve got the urge for going, and they’ve got the wings so they can go

    They get the urge for going
    When the meadow grass is turning brown
    Summertime is falling down and winter is closing in….

  2. My dad had housemartins nesting again this year in the eaves of his house, he lives right on the edge of the south downs overlooking miles of farmland so I would imagine a perfect space for them to nest and feed. On the other hand where I live, in a residential area, I would be lucky to even see them in the sky, and then I would only get a fleeting glimpse. I am sure if they have nested successfully around you before they will be back on their own accord next year, or you may even have to change the name of your house to Housemartin Hill, to encourage them back!

  3. I’d love to hear the wild geese Allie. Sometimes, just occasionally I hear them arriving from the north and the east, on their way to wintering grounds not far from here.

    And Louise-don’t think I haven’t thought of putting artificial nest boxes up on my house for the martins!

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