Red Kite

It is not so long ago that Red Kites were very rare birds indeed in the UK. So rare, that during the 1920’2 there were less than 20 individuals. It is thought that in 1977 all the survivors, and they were all in Wales, descended from a single female. In 1970 a new female from Europe arrived and slowly and steadily numbers began to rise until by 2000 there were 260 breeding pairs in Wales, and they were beginning to extend their territory back into England.
At the same time European chicks were reintroduced in Scotland and England and now the population of red kites is increasing. They seem to be spreading along the motorways-we see them when we drive to London along the M4, but on Tuesday we saw this magnificent individual flying effortlessly above us on a walk in mid Wales. It circled above us for some time, allowing us to enjoy the sheer beauty and grace of this bird of prey.
Rob took these fabulous pictures, and you can see a video of them here. Enjoy.


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