I remember how hard digging is!

Middle trench.

Instead of a trip to the gym this morning, we made a trip to the allotment for a cardiac workout. We had started on the serious digging on Thursday-a trench across the middle of the plot, and Rob added to this today, working downslope.

Rhubarb crowns and last of the runner beans we inherited.

We cleared around the rhubarb crowns too and today started to extend that towards the middle. The aim is to have the section dug this autumn, leaving the upper part until Spring.
The ground is now very dry-too dry really for digging, but the soil is a stiffish clay in parts and looks like it will be even harder when it is wet. Ho hum. To make matters worse, there is a layer of couch grass, so it is going to be an interesting challenge.

Below the rhubarb crowns the soil was clear and there were a few neglected leeks in. I have watered them but they aren’t very promising . Under the netting I have planted some tiny Japanese onions bought on Thursday. Just needed to do some planting to justify the effort of all the digging.


4 thoughts on “I remember how hard digging is!

  1. Hi Judith, I don’t envy you the task of digging over your allotment, let alone eradicating the couch grass. It really is back-breaking work but take your time, there is no hurry. You may be more supple than me, but I know how I ache after digging over my vegetable patches in the garden and that isn’t even double digging and I haven’t got clay! Until next time you and your husband take care of your backs!

  2. Rhubarb, technically a vegetable, is always used as fruit. In the spring and summer it produces long pink or red stems that carry those big leaves. The stems are used to make a desserts -they are generally chopped into short lengths and stewed in a little water with some sugar, because they tend to be on the tart side. They make a delicious pie or crumble filling. Mmmm-looking forward to next spring already.

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